QWhat is Lose4Autism?

ALose4Autism is an exciting program that offers monthly reward incentives as you shed a minimum of 15 pounds, with the greatest reward presented at the final weigh-out event: $25,000 for the 'Loser' who sheds the largest percentage of their original body weight. You'll also be raising money for a great cause, helping parents with autististic children.

QWhat kind of training does Lose4Autism provide?

ALose4Autism helps you shed the pounds with online coaching by Yossi Muller, CNWC. Yossi a nutritionist with a unique approach. In addition to motivating his clients to eat better, he provides them with an education and insight into the various nuances of applied nutrition, so that they have the tools to make their own lifestyle choices.

In addition, Lose4Autism members receive a three months free gym membership, Lose4Autism scale, and more.

QWhat's the Lose4Autism Weigh-In & Weigh-Out process?

AAt the start of the 88-day program, there will be a Weigh-In Ceremony where all Lose4Autism members gather to have their weight measured, meet fellow 'Losers,' learn more about your coach, and hear all about the work Lose4Autism does.

The Weigh-Out Ceremony will be the apex of it all. The grand prize of $25,000 as well as the other prizes will be awarded after the final weight measurement is taken.

QHow can I join Lose4Autism?

AMembers of Lose4Autism commit to a minimum fund raising commitment of $2,500 as well as a commitment to lose a minimum of 15 pounds.

QHow do I begin?

Click here to register. Your non-refundable $75 registration fee is a 100% tax-deductible donation to Lose4Autism.

QIf I missed the initial weigh in date can I still sign up?

You may sign up at any time. We will arrange a time for us to certify your starting weight.

QIs there a minimum participant age?

All ages are invited to participate.

QIf I've had weight-loss surgery may I still participate?

Yes. Everyone has their weight-loss challenges and we welcome all participants looking to create a healthy lifestyle.

QWhat are the Weigh-In & Weigh-Out dates?

The Weigh-In Event will take place on January 15, 2016. The Weigh-Out Event date will be April 15, 2016.

QIf I see I can't lose weight or I can't find sponsors can I back out?

Yes, you may back out for the first 4 weeks by notifying us via phone or email. In the event that you have not yet raised $250 there will be a $250 charge to cover our costs.

QHow do I go about finding my sponsors?

Friends, family, and co-workers are a great place to begin your fundraising. You'll be surprised, once people hear the commitment you've made and the cause you're benefiting the donations will pile in.

QIf I can't make it to the official Weigh-In or Weigh-Out Events, how may I submit my weight?

You may be weighed in by a doctor or certified nutritionist, or we will arrange for us to measure your weight.

QHow will it be fair if I have a lot less weight to lose?

Remember, the person who loses the largest percentage of their original weight wins the grand prize. While you must lose a minimum of 15 lbs to compete, you have the advantage of losing the largest percentage of your original body weight even if it may take a bit more effort to burn those last few pounds.

QWhere does the $25,000 prize come from?

We have generous sponsors who donate the prizes.

QWhat happens in the event of a tie?

In the event of an equal percentage weight loss between two participants, prize will be divided equally between two winners.

QHow do I receive the monthly prize?

Participants will submit their weight on days and via methods we will specify. All prizes will be awarded at the final Weigh-Out Event upon completion of fundraising and weight loss commitments. If one person wins two prizes the runner up in the lower prize category takes the prize. In the event of an equal percentage weight loss between two participants, prize will be divided equally between two winners.

All winners must be present at the weigh out event. All prizes will be awarded at the weigh-out party upon confirmation of registration commitments.

QIf I don't live within 15 miles of the free gym provided by lose4autism what do I do?

Contact us and we will pay for a gym in your area.

QHow do I reach the Coach/Nutritionist?

Once you register there will be a section for you to contact the coach on the participant side of the website.

QCan I join from out of town?

Surely! We have contestant from across the globe. Our nutritionist will be available via phone / internet. Let us know where you live and we'll work out a deal with a local gym for you to use during the competition. For those that can't make it a doctor or registered nutritionist's note with your weight is sufficient.

If you live more than 150 miles away from NY or NJ and you are a winner who can't attend the weigh-out event you must be available to be seen on Skype at the time of weigh-out.