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Last year's BEFORE picture....oy vey!
Thanks so much to everyone who was mishtatif. May you be gebentched with endless nachas, simcha, and kol tuv! .............................................. No big droshis - there are yiddishe kinderlach in the autistic spectrum who can be given the tools to succeed in life. However the cost of these programs is beyond the reach of many parents. We are trying to help. I therefore decided this year to again join this great campaign to benefit this wonderful cause. Every child with autism deserves a chance to succeed in life. I thank you for helping. In the zechus of this great mitzvah, may HKB"H bentch you with endless happiness, health, nachas, and everything wonderful always. All donations are tax deductible. Oh - yes, I did this last year. Yes, I lost over 90 lbs ba"h. Yes, I kept it off. Any other questions please feel free to text, call or whatsapp. Shefa koidesh!

Der Oilem $1,222.00
Mechayil el choyil
Shimmy Bertram $800.00
In honor of Reb Lazer & In honor of Daniel & Chayala Glenner
Anonymous $500.00
Joel Bess $500.00
Love you brother - keep it off and live an extra 25 years for your family!! They need you!!
Alan Friedman $360.00
Luv U Lazer!
In honor of the Oilem losing weight
Dovi Jacobs $250.00
YOSSI Shomer $180.00
Mazal tov to
Yaakov Feingold $180.00
L'chovod R' Lazer Shlita - Chazak!!
Yoel Pesso $180.00
Yossi Engel $180.00
Reb Lazer!! Ahavas Nefesh!
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
Good luck
Moshe Hershberg $180.00
Yitzi Einhorn $180.00
Larrabbee forever!
Jason Rosenblatt $100.00
Go Reb Lazer!!!!!
Joseph Hasenfeld $100.00
I hope to see less of you, Lazer
Steve Hoffman $100.00
It's a pleasure to see you looking so much healthier.
Motty Stock $100.00
SHemaya MAndelbaum $100.00
Keep up the good work!!!
Yermi $100.00
Avi Hagar $100.00
Go Lazer!
Joshua Tomaszewski $50.00
Youre an Inspiration!
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Your a Great friend Sam
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
Elliot Fisch $18.00
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