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Autism is a complex disorder of brain development that affects social, communication and emotional functioning. Without early intervention therapy, the autistic child is usually too disruptive and learning disabled to be integrated into a regular classroom setting. However, empirical research shows that when offered early, intensive, and individualized instructions, children with autism can learn to overcome many challenges inherent to autism.

Therapy costs are staggering and parents find themselves financially unable to offer their children the therapies that will open the doors optimal outcomes and independent adulthood.

I therefore pledge to lose 20 lbs while raising a minimum of $2,500 to benefit children on the autism spectrum . Besides for being a terrific way to kick-start the diet I´ve been promising myself the past few years, joining Lose4Autism is a heartfelt motion of support for autistic children globally.

By enabling the child to receive these therapies maximizes each child's potential for optimal outcomes and quality of life. Every child with autism deserves a chance to succeed. You and I will make sure of that!

My objective is to raise $2,500. I thank you for helping me reach this goal. All donations are tax deductible.
David H $2,500.00
S W $1,800.00
Butch $180.00
Shui Schmuckler $100.00
Shmuel Waldman $100.00
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